Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mr. Grasshopper

We have a little resident in my organic basil plant (from Costco...I love Costco). Hello Mr. Grasshopper.

I can't believe how well this basil plant is doing... given most plants come to my house to wither away and die. Also... often I have to wait for the bees to stop gathering nectar before I can gather some basil for dinner. I'd like to say it's because I'm very in-tune with nature...but it's because I'm a big chicken and I don't want to get stung again. (I was stung on a 4th year hike when I was a teen at Girls Camp...IN.MY.EAR. I had to yank that sucker out of my gross)

Hopper's self-portrait

This is Edward Hopper - when he was a kid he was extremely tall. So he was nicknamed "grasshopper". Hopper is the artist my first grader is learning about this month as part of the parent-volunteer art program for the entire elementary school. I love this program. It's self-funded through fund-raisers. The kids all learn a different track of artists each year. Last year I volunteered in the kindergarten class and felt like I was getting a chance to do the art I never really did as a kid. With each lesson we learn about the artist's life and do a project to reinforce the art from each specific artist. The kids have a blast.

This is Edward Hopper's "The Long Leg". He loved boats. His paintings often evoke solitude. He was a very solitary, lonely, quiet man.


Holli said...

Yeah for basil in the garden! We've loved ours this year. I think I've frozen enough pesto to last all year, plus all the fresh basil we've enjoyed. Cute little critter you got there.

Yeah for art at school! My kids have enjoyed learning about artists and trying out their styles too. Love that schools can still have art in their curriculum!

Greek Goddess said...

btw, according to my MIL grasshoppers are very destructive for gardens and she kills them by using garden clippers. gross, i know. just wanted to warn you before hopper destroys your basil.

i love art. so glad you're a part of the program.