Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Orange is the new Black

Three weeks after getting pushed of the round-spinny monkey bars, my now 6YO Avant Garde Gal is out of a splint and into an awesome orange cast. She picked it out herself...and secretly, that's the color I'd have picked too. (I guess...not so secret anymore)

Worst part of getting the cast: when she screamed bloody murder in fear of the rotating saw that had to cut off some of the casting they did for the splint.

Best part of getting the cast: when they cleaned her dead skin cells off her poor arm with alcohol... yes, it had been driving me crazy that for three weeks we haven't been able to clean it since the accident.

How to celebrate growing bones and a brilliant orange cast?

Why... a good dinner of course.

Fresh strawberries from Trader Joe's.

Adorable baby heirloom tomatoes a la Trader Joe's.

Seriously... aren't they so pretty?

A tomato, basil, black and kidney bean salad.

Giant, tender artichokes.

Nighty, night.