Monday, December 27, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

My always happy Avant Garde Gal when she was a baby.

This is not any kind of breaking news hidden in a post.

My husband and I are not currently planning, or making a baby as I type.

I swear.

That would require too much talent, and skill for me to be able to do both at one time.

My cheeky Dauntless Daughter when she was a baby.

However, we have not closed down the possibility of baby-making in the future, nor are we purposely promoting it to that end. Given that our girls were both born in September, when Christmas/New Years rolls around it seems to be when I am most fertile. So the topic happens to crop up. So the other day my hubby said that if (that's a big if... literally) we were to have another child, he'd want a girl. My ovaries *squealed* in delight.

Last night my 4YO DD and 6YO AGG had this dinner time conversation about a possible sibling.

DD: I don't want another baby.

AGG: I want another baby, so I can go "coochie coohie coo".

DD: I want to be the baby. I don't want another baby.

AGG: I want one! Don't you want to be a big sister?!?

DD: No! And Momma said we have to agree to have another baby, so that means we're not having another one.

ps. If we were to have another... it's pretty much guaranteed to be friggin' adorable. Just look at the track record.

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