Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love you summer... can I have my brain back?

Since this is the first week of summer break - I've lost all sense of time, space, hygiene.

When you don't have to be anywhere, at a specific time... time stops holding any meaning. Am I right? Please say yes... just nod, maybe even just a little blink.

Monday I woke to find a tornado mess in my toy room. To be fair, it wasn't just my daughters. So after a royal conniption, on my part, we worked together to get it back in order. Then at 3:50pm I looked at the clock and panicked. We had swim lessons at 4pm.

Before my daughters knew it a madwoman was running around screaming her head off, something about "go pee now! get changed now! get your sandals! run into the car! NOW NOW NOW NOW!" also... "I FORGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT We're going to be LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE! RUN RUN RUN!"

Luckily, we flew into the lessons like bats out of hell just 6 minutes late. I am not disclosing any speed records I may, or may not have set.

I simultaneously stripped the girls of their robes, sandals and threw them into the pool, and then I looked up to notice their swim teacher was teaching a different student. There was a little thing in the back of mind wondering... "odd, what day is today?"

The kind swim school owner came over and asked me, what day our lessons were... all I could get out of my mouth was, "um, 4pm I think... I could swear... I think?" He checked the computer schedule and told me it was Tuesdays at 4pm...NOT Mondays at 4pm.

Forehead smack.

Thankfully, we had a make up lesson to schedule, and they had a teacher that had students that didn't show up. So we got lucky. The girls had their lesson. *Breathe*

I made a mental note that Tuesday at 4pm were our lessons.

Tuesday morning we woke luxuriously at 9am. I told the girls we had swimming at 4pm. Aha! I remembered. I made scrambled eggs for the girls around 10am. We opened up a brand new set of paints, brushes and paper. We walked to the park at 3:15pm. I texted some friends, and Ruby and her kids joined us around 4:20pm. I started to relay our crazy Monday experience about swim around 5pm. 

Mid-story my heart dropped.

I checked my iPhone and saw it was 5pm. HOLY *&%^%$#%^&&^**^%*&&**& < <----- that is not me censoring... that is what actually happened in my empty, summer brain.

I was relaying a story about forgetting what day swim was... as I was missing swim, irony, no? Also... tragically hilarious.

So... I've baked a cake for the swim school. It's what I do when I have screwed up someone else's schedule with this forgetful brain of mine.

At this point I can see my sister, who has grown accustomed to my forgetfulness... shaking her head.

I've lost my marbles and haven't the slightest idea where to find them.

Is it okay that I blame summer? Thanks, that means a lot.


cabesh said...

Great. And this is the woman I'm supposed to be meeting in San Diego? If you stand me up..... ;)

The Atomic Mom said...

Oh! I'm sorry.

I don't even have kids in school or really a schedule to keep, but I feel the same way about summer. Time, responsibility and everything goes out the window...I kinda like it that way. :)

Jenn said...

Without my daughter in school I have no schedule to follow either. I have no idea what day of the week it is half the time... Luckily it don't have any lessons to miss or my kids would have missed them.
Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm a new follower. I'll check in again for your Friday family link up.
Jenn @ Worthafig