Monday, June 20, 2011

So glad when Daddy comes home

I think one of the most telling things about a relationship between a child and their father is simply, are you glad when he comes home?

SF Giants v. Cincinnati at ATT park- the game they won - first game for our daughters

We have this primary song the kids sing. Here are my daughters singing it for their Daddy.

I am so grateful that I found a man who plays with his daughters. I am so grateful that he is silly with them. I am so grateful that he is patient, and loving and it shows. He works hard doing what is needed, for those he loves.


I am so grateful for my hunny bunny. Before choosing a spouse I knew I wanted a man my daughters wouldn't dread, or fear, but one they would be thrilled to have at home.

Brunch for Father's Day!

I believe there is no greater, no truer compliment than when your family simply can't wait until you are home.When my man comes home, all three of us might happen to start talking at once. The girls  fight to run to him first. They love how he sweeps them up into his arms for a twirling, giggling hug.

Today, this post is late in the day because we have been trying to create a clean, peaceful home for our hard-working Daddy to return home to.

Enjoy this video of another real man. A true father. 


Greek Goddess said...

Yes, our kids are lucky to have dad's who love them. Great photos!
Tonight when we picked Warren up from the train station, when Theo saw him out the window he squealed and clapped. Could anything be cuter?! :)

From Tracie said...

Such a sweet post. I think you are right, you really can tell that a child loves their father when they are excited to see him come home.

I LOVE that picture from the restaurant where you and your husband are in the mirror above the girls. Such an awesome shot!