Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday: A Family Lives Here - Exhibit 9

I'll be posting each Friday with the same theme of "A Family Lives Here". Hope you like it. Hope you join in on the fun.

Exhibit 9:

What do we have here?

It's a picnic!

Yes, this is how we spent Memorial Day. The weather here has been unusually cool. Instead of the hot summer days, we are experiencing the oddest weather... midwest-style. It was too windy to enjoy a relaxing picnic, so we kept it indoors.

That means... pajamas for the parents!



What do you do when the weather refuses to cooperate?


We're like detectives, scouting out evidence that a family lives here.
Join me by posting a proof of family, with your commentary.
Then, tack on my button and include it in your post. 
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Ready, set, go!


Sarah said...

I love indoor picnics! We did a lot of them this past winter.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Looks so fun!!! Your family is so darling :) Happy Friday!!

Queen Scarlett said...

Sarah - aren't they the best?!
Kelly - thank you! So is yours!