Monday, June 6, 2011


This morning while my girls 6YO Avant Garde Gal (AGG) and 4YO Dauntless Daughter (DD) were eating cereal, I was reheating some of the delicious food from an International potluck last night. 

While the microwave was still heating my breakfast, I tooted.

AGG: *excitedly looking around* Is Daddy here?

QS: No, why?

AGG: I heard a fart. It sounded just Daddy's fart. I thought he was here.

QS: hahahahahah No, he's not here. 

AGG: Your fart sounded just like Daddy's.

Apparently, my intestines are pretty good at impersonation.

Happy Monday all! Cheers!

ps. Posting may be light this summer... because... we're playing, and tooting.

pps. It wasn't stinky. I know you were wondering. 

Wouldn't you love to go to Paris? I would. Check it out at Oh Happy Day!  They fart there too, right?

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