Monday, December 1, 2008

A cosmic expression

So on the way to dinner for FHE tonight I saw the crescent moon distorted by clouds. It was like a soft-fuzzy focus. That started my husband talking about the smiley face that can be seen in Australia made by the moon, venus and jupiter. He joked that in San Francisco it was a frowny face.

Three hours later, just minutes from our home I look out the car window and see an upside-down frowny face. We were very excited, as we had talked about how unlikely it would be for us to see this cosmic expression. I tried to take a picture, but it wasn't bright enough and my camera is not that fancy. ; )


Greek Goddess said...

Oh, I wished I had seen that. I love stuff like that. Astronomy is amazing.

dalene said...

So cool. I wish I would have checked it out. (I miss my astronomy loving son.)

Queen Scarlett said...

Another reason to be grateful... heavenly orbs. ;-)