Monday, December 15, 2008

How Mormons do Beer...

Our local market has an entire wall of root beer and other sodas. The variety is amazing. So one night, after we had gone to Indian food with our friends Todd and Kim, we decided to bring home some root beer to taste.

Naturally, we picked only the Root Beers without caffeine. The worst... Frostie... the best Sprecher and Henry Weinhard's. We had roasted almonds between the flavors.

We weren't drunk...but maybe the camera was...I love that we can have fun and not be inebriated. We don't need artificial stimulants to have a good time ...and we can remember everything the next day - without a horrible headache. Speaking of which... my friend Jon had a great post recently, about this.

We also did a blind taste between the two winners...Sprecher and Weinhard's.... it was fun.
It was after 10pm and our girls woke up so... they joined in with Kaylee their babysitter. It was fun.

Ok... they might've gotten a bit tipsy. hehehe How cute is this?!


glittersmama said...

My husband loves Thomas Kemper root beer. Too bad we can't get it over here!

Holli said...

Love, love, love Henry Weinhardts. Best root beer ever! When we were in the SF singles' ward, we had a "root beer tasting" activity, patterned after wine tasting parties, I guess. We dressed up. We sampled root beers. We cleansed the palate with appetizers. We socialized. We declared best and worst root beers. So fun!

Queen Scarlett said...

glittersmama: I'll have to see if they have that at the store.
holli: How fun!