Friday, December 12, 2008

Smart Chic

Nearly two months ago I noticed my oldest, K had a lazy eye... nearly two years ago I noticed she would watch TV at an angle... that was when she had her first eye appointment. Tuesday we went to a specialist in pediatric and adult strabismus...turns out she has a lazy right eye and is mildly far-sighted.

I am near-sighted. My husband R never, ever went to the eye doctor as a child. His first eye appointment was when we were dating... he was 26 years old. We think he had this exact problem as a child. I think it's so sad that he struggled with eyesight his entire life. I grew up with, and am a big believer in preventative care. I don't understand people who would rather wait for a massive emergency, or when it's too late... than do the simple, little things daily to keep their bodies healthy.

I'm grateful that we caught this now - I don't want her looking like Shaquille O'Neal.

On Wednesday we went to a place for frames and lenses. Our doctor suggested we go the next day because K's eyes were dilated. She said, "given how verbal K is, I'd suggest you go tomorrow. She's probably very conscious about how she looks, and with her eyes dilated she will be very frustrated." The doctor nailed my daughter's personality to the T. ;-)

At the glasses place K picked out a pair of wire frames with nose pads. They were rectangular and she wouldn't consider other frames. The lady and I kept getting her to try on others...but she was adamant. After a while she told us that she liked the rectangle ones because they looked like mine. So cute. Eventually she said she didn't want glasses because they hurt. I told her it was because of the nose pads. That sold her on these cute ones we purchased above.

Meanwhile - M my youngest wants glasses because of her sister... I hope she doesn't have to go through this too... Our girls are used to their Mommy and Daddy wearing glasses and... have always wanted some to be like us... oh, but I wish they didn't need them.

I still think... they're adorable. Or as K angrily shouts, "I'm not adorable! The glasses are adorable. I'm SWEET!!!"


La Yen said...

What a cutie! (I mean, Sweetie.)
One of the advantages to adopting Jooj is that (we hope) she has good eyesight. Both W and I were wearing glasses by Kindergarten. We have since had the Lasik, but still. The Lazers don't fix the Genes. (I am in a Random Capitalization Mood.)

b. said...

I agree with Mom, she's adorable!

sue-donym said...

Adorable, sweet, precious. All of the above. I love that she wanted to be like you.

AzĂșcar said...

She's got that right!

Queen Scarlett said...

La Yen - I am scared of the lasik...and my eyes are too pointy...not enough flap to slice.

b., sue and azucar - thank you ... and ...she already believes she's always right. So...yeah, just like her mommy.

Greek Goddess said...

So cute. Glad you caught it. We're so blessed to live in a time when we can take care of our eyes and ears etc.... Rebecca wants glasses, too. They're so funny.

Queen Scarlett said...

I totally feel lucky to live in this time... or medical, science advancement. Maybe that's why it's balanced out by a total lack of wisdom... but plenty of intelligence. ;-)

Amy said...

Those frames are PERFECT on her!

She definitely IS sweet. ;)

P.S. You are awesome for catching that! It is SO common for farsightedness to get overlooked! Especially because they always pass the school/routine doc screenings.