Tuesday, December 23, 2008

From Our Family... to Your Family

Santa’s Coming!!!

Just in the nick of time - we are broadcasting via blog, our Christmas and New Year’s wishes.

Here are the highlights of 2008:

February - Disneyland - M’s first time and K’s second. The girls LOVED the Princesses and the Princess Faire.

August - Marine World - the girls love this kind of a thing.

September - Maui - we stayed in Kapalua, loved the Maui Ocean Center, and we just hung out as much as we could at the beach.

October - R and Queen Scarlett escaped to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

We also spent a lot of time, taking music lessons, dancing, singing, cooking, jumping in gymnastics classes, going to the zoo, finding beaches, swimming, playing, reading, exploring... it’s been a full year.

Here are some of our Favorites:

M, age 2
Color: Pink

Movie: Little Mermaid “I like Ariel”

TV Show: Little Einsteins
Fruit: Apple
Vegetable: Peas

Drink: Chocolate Milk

Food: Cheese

Thing to do with K: “I like to hug K”

Thing to do with Mommy: “I like to hug Mom”

Thing to do with Daddy: “I like to hug Dad”

K, age 4
Color: Pink

Movie: Little Drummer Boy

TV Show: Charlie and Lola

Fruit: Strawberry
Vegetable: Carrots

Drink: Pink Milk

Food: Chicken Nuggets

Thing to do with M: “I like to hug and kiss and share with M”

Thing to do with Mommy: “I like to hug and play and kiss and do games and all sorts with Mommy”
Thing to do with Daddy: “ I like to hug and play with Daddy”

Queen Scarlett, age 31
Color: Burgundy

Movie: While You Were Sleeping
TV Show: Fringe and LOST

Fruit: Lichee

Vegetable: Broccolini

Drink: Water

Food: Indian, Chinese...anything that is infused with spices...

Thing to do with M: Play mischievous games, and cuddle
Thing to do with K: Have silly conversations, and cuddle
Thing to do with R: Make-out

R, age 34
Color: Green

Movie: Saving Private Ryan

TV Show: San Jose Sharks Hockey

Fruit: Mango

Vegetable: Artichoke

Drink: Blood Orange Italian Soda

Food: Spicy food

Thing to do with K and M: Tickle war

Thing to do with Queen Scarlett: “A different kind of tickle”

This year with the troubles that afflict our nation, and our world, we are grateful for the chance to remember what is important. We are grateful for our little family, for a chance to slow-down and recognize that it isn’t the accumulation of things - it is the accumulation of time and moments that matter. We are grateful to good people. People who stand for what is virtuous, in the midst of overwhelming odds. We are grateful to our faith, and our Savior. We are grateful to remember that we must remember Him all year round. Thank you for being a part of our lives. Here’s to you, to us and to another year.

Merry Christmas!!!