Friday, December 26, 2008

Up on the Housetop...

K our four-year old had this conversation with her father while delivering a plate of Christmas goodies.

K: Dad, do we have a chimney?
R: No.
K: But we have a fireplace.
R: Yeah.
K: Well, how's Santa going to get in?
R: Don't worry, Santa has ways of getting in.
K: Is he going to open up the fireplace?
R: Yup.
K: I don't want him to open up the fireplace.
R: Why not Sweetie?
K: Cuz there's spiders in there. I don't like spiders.


Sister Pottymouth said...

I don't like spiders either. And Santa would have to crawl through a lot of them to get to our fireplace too. Smart little K!

Sister Pottymouth said...

BTW, I posted the Phil look-a-like contest photos, along with a post about it. Fun stuff, even if I do say so myself.