Sunday, June 7, 2009

Buzz, Buzz...

We're back from a quickie trip to the Beehive State.

20 some hours of driving
1 stormy sierra stretch
1 husband who did all the driving
1 UT plates truck carrying a butt-load of bumpers tossing one right into our path
2 girls who were fantastically good on the drive, both ways
1 adorable little nephew - my first nephew and my girls' cousin!
1 fantastic sister
2 mosquito bites requiring benadryl
1 momma who was the grumpy one on the road trip
4 homemade California pizzas for dinner
A bunch of great friends past and present
Lots of pumpkin white chocolate cookies and tea sandwiches
1 delish dinner at Bombay House
1 visit to Veteran's Memorial Pool
1 visit to Thanksgiving Point's Farm Life
1 visit to SLC Temple and Church History Museum
1 visit to SubZero - my sister treated us
1 visit to Artic Circle on the trip home - I had never had Artic Circle my entire BYU experience...not bad (I realized I had never really done the fast-food thing during college - maybe that's why I didn't gain the freshman 15)
1 visit to Sonic - my first ever
2 trips to Macey's... which still cracks me up... the name... Macy's vs Macey's.

...adds up to missing family and friends... but oh, so grateful to fall asleep in our own beds this morning around 5am.

More about our trip when I finish the 4 loads of laundry.


Amy said...

Welcome home!

glittersmama said...

I never went to Artic Circle either while I was at BYU. Was it good?

Along the fast food lines...did you like Sonic?

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks Amy! How are you guys doing?

glittersmama - it wasn't bad. I was surprised at how yummy their shakes are... and halibut... the salad wasn't bad either.

Sonic... it was okay... the shakes are good. I had a coney island dog...and it wasn't spectacular... so overall...meh. ;-)