Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Dragon Scrolls

"There is no charge for awesomeness...or attractiveness."

My girls love Kungfu Panda - and my husband and I can't help but love the lines from the movie.

Lately my oldest - AGG has been wearing a tail she made from a headband and a ribbon. She demands to be called just "tigress". Naturally, my little one DD is running around with a headband around her waist and a ribbon tied to it as well.

My lovely Avant Garde Gal - with her scroll, her teal headband around her waist and a pink and brown ribbon tied to it - for her tail.

My little Dauntless Daughter - who is fighting a stomach flu bug...and cheered up by her own dragon scroll.

AGG had been making a makeshift dragon scroll with the back of her princess folding chair that she naturally destroyed (sorry sis). She used two glow sticks to provide the scroll effect, but it wasn't working that well.

Pooh may be a casualty of Kungfu Panda

The girls like to place the dragon scroll right below the dog's mouth... they come up with this on their own - even the tails... I am not this creative.

So... my crafty husband (who is creative, resourceful and fabulous) came up with truly awesome and attractive dragon scrolls.

What my hubby used to make these scrolls the girls LOVE -- Cardboard from those wire hangers the dry cleaners use, cardboard roll from wrapping paper and paper towels, fabric from a child's canvas chair (princess print), an old thin, baby blanket, wrapping paper (one shiny and one just to wrap the scrolls), aluminum foil, hot glue gun.

He made AGG's first. And then spent a long time last night creating another for DD. Which was so sweet because she was sick with some stomach flu bug and couldn't contain her excitement that she'd have one too. In fact, this morning she woke up before all of us, just to run into her big sister's room to show her the dragon scroll.

They are currently watching Kungfu Panda as I blog this.

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