Friday, June 12, 2009

Forgetting the Audience

Tonight my husband Phantom, was trying to reason with my oldest, Avant Garde Gal who is 4.5 years.

She always uses the "I don't think you love me" cry whenever we tell her not to push her sister, stop tearing paper into bits and sprinkling it all over the place, or some other such shenanigan.

P: You will eat your food, all of it. 

AGG: I don't think you love me!

QS: *sigh*

AGG: You don't think I'm beautiful. You don't love me!

P: What you're saying is irrelevant.

AGG: What's irrelevant?

P: Irrelevant means not pertinent.


soybeanlover said...

Hahaha, sad thing is, I do the same thing when I'm frustrated. At least it kicks them out of their whine cycle for a bit, and exposes them to a larger vocabulary at the same time.

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Queen Scarlett said...


He actually had to come up with a better definition...because she did not know what pertinent meant. ;-)

b. said...

That is too's hard to remember how to talk 4 years old.