Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Guy - Happy Daddy's Day!

My husband Phantom, who loves nothing better than to have a nice, soft back scratch, and my daughter Avant Garde Gal (4.5 yrs) had this conversation recently:

P: Will you scratch my back like I scratch yours?

AGG: No.

P: Why?

AGG: Daddy, your back is humongous, like a giant!

AGG was feeling goofy today and this is how she responded to "What do you like about Daddy?"

I like his USA Shirt (hockey jersey from the SLC Olympics US v. Belarus - we won!)
He kisses me

He loves Kalea

Kalea's the best girl

I like the hair that he shaves it (they like it when he has a smooth face)

He flosses his teeth

When he crosses his eyes

These are Dauntless Daughter's responses to the same question. She's 2.5 years.

I like it when he gives me fruit snacks
I like playing games, sleeping
When Daddy separates me (from her sister when they are too rambunctious to sleep together)
I like kissing Daddy
Going to the pool

My guy is a guy who if I'm doing the dishes, comes over to help rinse and have me load. He'll also scrub the sink clean if I'm doing laundry.

My guy willingly cleans toilets.

My guy also takes care of our yard, fixes things around the house and deals with negotiating when I don't like it.

My guy loves to create luscious desserts, and enjoys good food.

My guy loves to cuddle with his girls.

My guy tells great stories to our daughters - who listen with rapt attention.

My guy forgives quickly and easily.

My guy works hard.

My guy is a good teacher.

My guy loves to have us all go out and admire the cars he's just finished washing.

My guy knows just how to comfort a daughter who's hurt herself.

My guy indulges the girls when we need to go out.

My guy still, easily turns me on.

My guy still, gets easily turned on by me.

My guy knows how to make us all laugh.

My guy thinks his girls are adorable - and we make him laugh.

My guy gets up and does Karaoke so that I'll do it - checking off something from my life list. (He sang Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" the whole kitchen came out to watch)

My guy is a good Father.

My guy isn't perfect, but neither are we.

My guy is a man.

My guy is sleeping in today - because we love our Daddy.

Happy Father's Day honey... I love you my sweetie weetie, cutie wootie, sexy wexy. You make my heart happy.

Post Update: My guy wanted me to add "CUDDLY WUDDLY" ... because that's his favorite one...and I forgot.

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Tiffany said...

Beautiful tribute to a great father. We miss you guys!