Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blog Homework #2

~Fantasize about arriving at your dream destination. Prompt: "I looked out the window of the taxi and saw the . . ."

Will Travel For Food

Scarlett sighed as her nose picked up the scent of fresh croissants, and artisan breads. Her mouth began to salivate as she noticed the smartly dressed waiter walk over to her table with her order of a croissant, and smooth, dark, hot chocolate.

She bit into the perfectly light, flaky croissant and made sure to capture every buttery crumb with her tongue. She closed her eyes as she savored the textures, flavors and simple pleasure of truly tasting good food.

She reached for her steaming cup of hot chocolate and took in a deep breath, allowing the rich aroma to wash over her. She blew a little air out of her mouth and then opened her lips to sip the rich, smooth texture of the dark chocolate. Her eyes closed again as she thought of nothing but pure joy.

After her luxurious snack, Scarlett left the outdoor café and sauntered to the town square to decide on a whim, where to visit next.

Instantly her nose led her to a small eatery with fresh basil, rosemary and sage wafting out of it's windows. When she walked in she noticed the fresh cheese, tomatoes and seafood stew the other patrons were devouring. She quickly found a seat and waited for service.

As Scarlett sat there waiting, she said a little prayer of gratitude. She felt so blessed to travel the world in search of the finest, most heart-warming, and flavorful meals. Save the souvenirs and the shopping for the other tourists, all she wanted to do was eat slowly, with great pleasure.


Kiasa said...

You are making me hungry...this is how most of our european trip was when we were students: eating perfect croissants and sipping, heavenly hot chocolate

Travelin'Oma said...

I could taste it all!

Greek Goddess said...

Despite the nausea you were making my mouth water. Good job!

Queen Scarlett said...

Kiasa - it is still on my "to do" list to travel to Europe... so my imagination will have to tide me over.

Travelin'Oma - thank you! I hope I get to soon.

Greek Goddess - Thank you my dear friend.