Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You can't catch me...

...I'm the Gingerbread Man.

Guess which one is Avant Garde Gal's. It was not hard. It's also... AWESOME.

At back-to-school night we (Phantom, my hubby, and I) saw this collage of gingerbread men.

P (whispers while the teachers are talking to us): Look (points).
QS: What?
P: The gingerbread men.
QS: Cute.
P: Guess which one is AGG's.
QS: Oh my gosh - that one?
P: I guarantee you it's that one.

After the presentation we went over and sure enough, right on the leg was our creative daughter's name. She is an original.

We talked to her teacher about it and she laughed. She said a few of the girls had asked if they could put bows on their heads - but the teachers asked them where bowties go. Despite that, AGG still put it on it's head. I love it.

Also...I need to get a picture of this - they have a board with the kids' pictures, a hand print and then a picture the kids drew. Our daughter, has her dressed up as a princess, getting married in the temple. AGG is constantly drawing, imagining, acting... her energy level is stunning.


Mrs. Organic said...

It's interesting how well we know our children. She's got flair.

Albert said...

I think I would be a little upset that the teacher tried to quash her creativity by having all the other children point out the proper positioning of bow-ties. Has she no imagination? ;)

Queen Scarlett said...

Mrs. O - I love her flair!

Albert - The fact that they let her do that... is awesome. I know she has great teachers - based on a previous post. And... in kindergarten they are teaching what things are, where they belong...and following directions. If they had given her grief - I would have been pissed. But they didn't. And... they simply asked a question when some other little girl asked if she could put the bow tie on the gingerbread man's head.

Trust me... mess with my daughter...and you will get the wrath. ;-)