Friday, September 25, 2009

Boy Crazy

....and I have only myself to blame.

You know that curse every mother puts on her kids when they are young? The one where "one day you'll have a child JUST like you?"

Well, apparently it really works.

Dauntless Daughter and Avant Garde Gal

I was at a volunteer meeting for Avant Garde Gal's kindergarten class. I had both of my girls with me, as did a few other parents with kids. All the kids were quietly coloring and I was relieved... until towards the end of the meeting my daughter and her little sister Dauntless Daughter started having words with this boy from her class. I'm going to call him Charlie (from Charlie and Lola).

DD: Don't be mean to my sister.
AGG: Yeah, I don't like you anymore.
Charlie: Then I don't like you.
AGG: But I like you. You don't like me.
Charlie: Yes I do.
AGG: No, you said you don't think I like you, but I do. So I don't like you.
Charlie: *stunned silence*

I was utterly confused.

QS: Mrs. FANTASTIC teacher, is this normal?
Teacher: No, but apparently AGG has a huge crush on Charlie.
QS: She does?
Teacher: yeah, I'm surprised you didn't know, she talks about him all the time in class.
QS: She's mentioned him a few times, but I had no idea it was a full-blown crush.
Teacher: It was so funny the other day, the other teacher and I nearly died when AGG went up to the other teacher, started rubbing her arm and said sweetly, "Charlie is so handsome."
QS: Oh great, she's not even a teenager yet.

I suppose I only have myself to blame. If you go through my elementary journals... it's just lists of boys... who I thought was cute. I still remember my second grade crush...he looked like Peter Brady with dumbo ears... his name was Dusty.

Then when I went to pick up my little Dauntless Daughter from preschool, her teacher told me that DD had a great day.

Teacher: DD had a wonderful day today.
QS: She did? That's awesome.
Teacher: She's taken a page out of her big sister's book.
QS: Really? What?
Teacher: She has a Prince.
QS: A what?
Teacher: She and Trevor (not his real name) pretended to be each other's Prince and Princess. They played together all day, sat next to each other, it was really cute.
QS: She's not even three yet, oh my!

So... I guess my husband has his hands full. I can't even find a way to blame this one on him. And I'm usually pretty good about finding a way to blame it on him.


Holli said...

Ha that's too cute. I always say, I (or Jesse) was like that, and we turned out okay! :) Craig told me the other day "I get kind of shy when I talk to girls." Ha! He is not a shy kid and his best friends the last couple years have been girls. Where did this come from? Too funny.

Mrs. Organic said...

Aww! They're adorable. I don't even want to think about the implications of this if my girls follow in my foot steps.

soybeanlover said...

Glad to know I wasn't the only one crushing on boys in 2nd grade. Good luck honey! Invest in some visually intimidating firearms.

Tiffany said...

I wouldn't worry about it if your girls weren't so darn cute!

Queen Scarlett said...

Holli - I will try to convince myself of that...;-) Maybe we should try arranged marriages. ;-)

Mrs. Organic - I want to hear more about your footsteps... juicy.

soybeanlover - You and the hubby are thinking along the same lines... he also is perfecting the "I don't think anyone would miss you if you disappeared line" hahaha

Tiffany - hahaha THANKS Tiff!!!