Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About Boys

On the car ride home from kindergarten today... boy names have been changed.

QS: Did you have a happy day?
AGG: Yes.
QS: What did you do?
AGG: I don't play with Charlie anymore. He doesn't play nice games. I don't like him anymore.
QS: Okay. Who do you play with?
AGG: I play with Jimmy.
QS: Is he nice?
AGG: Yes, I told him we shouldn't play the bad games and should play the good games, so he came and played with me.
QS: That's great!
AGG: Mommy, did you know there's a girl who likes all the boys?
QS: Nope. Who is she?
AGG: Me.
QS: Oh, why?
AGG: Because boys are handsome.
QS: Why are they handsome?
AGG: They're handsome because they're boys!
QS: You know you can play with the girls too, right?
AGG: Yes, but I like playing with the boys, boys are soooo handsome!