Monday, November 2, 2009


AGG: When is my Birthday coming?
QS: Not for a long time.
AGG: On Thursday?
QS: No, a year.
AGG: Oh, a year?
QS: Yes, twelve months.
AGG: Twelve months? Is that a long time?
QS: Yep.
AGG: So On Sunday? or Friday?
QS: Oh for the love....
AGG: Tuesday? Wednesday? Saturday???

....sound of me being carted off to an asylum in a straight jacket...willingly.


Greek Goddess said...

R is 6 and still doesn't get the concept of the year. It's a hard one.

La Yen said...

Time to make a paper chain...

cabesh said...

Ah, yes, we've done/do this one. I give them the holiday nearest but before their birthday. For example, I tell Crossley (who is AGG's age) that his birthday is after Christmas....that way he knows not to get too excited until then. Or I tell Chloe, "Not until you're in 2nd grade!"

Queen Scarlett said...

Isn't it funny? It was making me laugh as it was driving my hubby bonkers. hahaha