Monday, November 16, 2009


The girls are back to sleeping together in the same bed. They've taken over the guest room's queen bed. They will occasionally get separated when they can't seem to get to sleep. I love them sleeping together. They are so much happier. I love checking in on them to see how well they sleep...and how similar they are... it's like I had twins - just 2 years and 3 days apart.

Here they are watching the new Tinkerbell movie. This is during a "scary" part. Pillows and hand-holding make it bearable. I am so grateful to have such sweet daughters.


Greek Goddess said...

That is so sweet. My little ones get along great, too, despite a 3 1/2 year difference. We're getting the tinkerbell movie for Christmas! Hope it was fun!

Queen Scarlett said...

It's so nice when they get a long... ;-)

The girls loved the movie. ;-)