Friday, November 27, 2009

FEAST...gobble, gobble

This year we were again honored to share Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Carrie. This is the post from last year. I have never liked turkey. It's always been dry...and with an odd flavor. Then I had Carrie's turkey last year...and this year. It is so delicious. She orders a fresh turkey and works her culinary magic with it. She is a master in the kitchen and I love that we both enjoy good food.

I made the same yams from last year, Garnet Yams with Bliss Maple Syrup and Maple-Sugar Streusel. They are divine. I also made my Mom's crescent butter rolls, cinnammon rolls, turkey rice krispies, and my friend Cabesh's relish turkey...with a twist. We did half fruit/half cheese and olives. It was so much fun making the food... the girls loved decorating the relish turkey themselves.

Carrie and John are in the top left above, with his parents right below them. To our right is Lisa and Mark. And... in the center picture'll find my friend Erin and David - Erin makes the best mashed potatoes and her green beans were... mmmm perfect. It was a fantastic group to share a hearty meal, and entertaining conversation.

Oh...and Carrie's pies. Holy ...mmmmmmm. She made a pumpkin pie from a sugar pumpkin...not Libby's. She made a pumpkin chiffon pie, chocolate pecan and a succulent apple pie. I had a slice of each topped off with her fresh whipped cream. Oh yeah! You can't beat homemade... it's impossible.

It was a great feast... great company... and after we returned home I was in a certified turkey stupor... hope your bellies were as happy as mine!

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