Saturday, November 21, 2009

Word Clouds for Beehives

Wordle: Faith to Succeed 4

The lesson this week is Lesson 41 from YW Manual 1, "The Ability to Succeed". I'm focusing the lesson on understanding your self-worth outside of other people, society, etc...

If you look at the lesson... it starts out a bit negatively...and I'm not taking that route. I think girls at this age have a constant, violent, internal babble of negativity in their minds... I'm not going to ask them to put it down on paper to start the lesson off. I'll let you it all goes once I'm done...if I get around to it. ;-)

However, I really love this quote from the lesson:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” - Eleanor Roosevelt (“Points to Ponder,” Reader’s Digest, Feb. 1963, p. 261).

AMEN SISTAH! I feel like it's my mantra. Other people's opinions, judgments, praise, etc... don't matter - unless they matter to you. The silly fads, trends, labels, etc... that make you feel inferior, or superior only matter if you let them matter. If you don't - you are FREE. Free to take charge of your own life, free to live the way you know you should, free from stress, anxiety, pomposity, and self-loathing.

And... when we let go of all that - we recognize our worth in God's eyes. We are able to let our light shine... like a beacon in a lighthouse. When we realize our worth, we don't try to diminish it... we use it to benefit others, to lift, inspire, and support them.

I adore lessons like these... and I always feel the weight of teaching truth on my shoulders... I'm not just teaching a gaggle of adorable teens. I'm teaching the best, the brightest, the most valiant that the Lord chose to fulfill missions on this earth, at this time, in this place.

You can make your own word cloud too.

Wordle: Faith to Succeed 3


b. said...

The girls, ALL your girls, are SO blessed to have you!

Stephanie said...

I agree with what b. said. Your girls are very lucky to have you. You make me want to be a beehive again if I can be in your class!

Greek Goddess said...

Yes, your girls are lucky. And what a fun, creative thing. I love the word cloud. Just tried one myself. Just wish I could make it bigger on my blog. You always have such fun ideas.

Queen Scarlett said...

You ladies are too kind. I think the other leaders would beg to differ though. ;-)