Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fancy Nancy

So our local Borders had a Fancy Nancy Saturday.

I usually work out for two hours each Saturday, but had to cut my Yoga in half so I could rush home to get the girls. So I told my hubby what time they'd have to be decked out all fancy...and he did a great job. All I had to do was fix up the hair, change out some sweat-soaked workout clothes and run to Borders.

I know I'm biased... but with the hair and outfits, it was no competition. They did a story time, handed out fancy jewelry and had an informal fashion show. DD was one of three finalists, based on audience applause...and in the end, she won.

All of the little girls were very reserved when they had to have their turn on the step-stool for the fashion show, even AGG. But little DD got up there and posed for the audience. It cracked me up, surprised me...which is why I only got half a shot of it. She won the coveted book prize.

We had a great time. Although, AGG nearly started to cry ... she wanted to win, of course. Luckily, all the kids were able to get either Fancy Nancy wrapping paper or binoculars. AGG picked the paper, she loves wrapping things.


Stepper the Mighty said...

Ooh, so much fun! I don't know what Fancy Nancy is except hearsay, but your VERY fancy girls make me want to look into it. Must be cute books! What a fun mom to allow them to get so into it.

A very deserved win, too!

Stephanie said...

That looks like such a fun time! And your girls looked so awesome all fancied up. We love Fancy Nancy at our house too. You have made me think about doing a Fancy Nancy birthday party for Sabrina in March.

Queen Scarlett said...

Stepper... are you on goodreads? We should share books!

Stephanie - what a fun idea for a birthday party!