Thursday, November 19, 2009

Five Year Old Tea Party

mini applesauce spice cupcakes (martha stewart), costco's peppermint bark, Sticky Fingers scones (black current and lemon poppyseed), roast beef avo sandwiches, cucumber mint sandwiches, and strawberries, blueberries and red grapes.

I invited the girls from my daughter, AGG's kindergarten class for a tea party celebrating their two-week Thanksgiving break. The night before when I was cleaning, baking... getting the food ready... my hubby thought I was preparing a tea party for myself and my friends.

He thinks I overdo it when it comes to things for the girls. But I think... if it's not good enough for me... how can it be good enough for the girls? For me... all of this is an expression of love. And... let's be honest... stuff from scratch tastes ...oozes love.

Peach and Raspberry herbal teas, with cucumber lemon water...with strawberry preserves and lemon curd for the scones.

Plus, we're still mourning the closure of the Tea Party Cafe... due to the economy. I'd been taking AGG there since she was 18 months old. Both girls love our spot. So... since my daughters have been weaned on tea parties... AGG was properly thrilled.

I scheduled it during her little sister, DD's preschool. So it would be a party just for AGG. A very, special day.

The first thing all the girls did was bounce on the trampoline we have in our living room. I think we fit about 7 in there. When the ninth guest showed up - we had to abandon the clown car idea and have the tea party.

I forget that at this age other kids aren't as exposed to different foods ... like I've exposed mine to. So it was like... 5 minutes of food/tea and they were off jumping, playing with the giant doll house and shrieking happily.

When 3 year old DD came home... she had her own tea party with all the left over goodies. We had enough to enjoy it all at dinner with Daddy too.

I love that my girls love tea parties.

Next time... for the other kids... I could do lemonade... and maybe pb&j sandwiches.

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