Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday: A Family Lives Here - Exhibit 1

Each Friday I will be posting a picture, or more (because I love pictures) of proof that a family, not perfectly placed vases, live in my home. I'm a big believer that since I have children in my home, the home should be a kid-friendly place.

I know that childhood is a short, fleeting interlude, and when my birds have flown the nest, I will likely crave the times when they were under my wing. I was actually choking up as I typed that last sentence.

So, to remember, to rejoice and to revel in the luxury of having a family - I present, Friday: A Family Lives Here. Want to know where the idea came from?

Will you join me? Let's discover the memories we want to remember for years to come.

Exhibit 1:

Why are there fluffy pillows on my stairs???

That is a very good question.

A question two creative, mischievous girls would love to answer....

...via a demonstration.

Would you like to join in on the evidence gathering? Please leave a comment, link up to your blog, and add my widget that the lovely Leigh vs. Laundry created for me. I can't wait to visit your posts and see what's going on in your homes.



We're like detectives, scouting out evidence that a family lives here.
Join me by posting a proof of family, with your commentary.
Then, tack on my button and include it in your post.

Remember to add your link via Mr. Linky.

Ready, set, go!


LuckyRedHen said...

Can't participate. A family DOES live here but I don't let the kidlets do ANYTHING inside to mess up my chi. But I look forward to other families showing me what I'm missing ;)

The Atomic Mom said...

I linked my blog post from today. I could not get your button to work though. Blogger kept telling me there were HTML errors?

QueenScarlett said...

Lucky - maybe I need you to come organize my home better. ;-)

Atomic Mom - Whoo hoo! I am so sorry - I think I have it fixed. Today is the fixing bugs day. ;-)

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Ooooh how fun!!!! Would love to join in the fun :) Off I go in search of my mess (VERY EASY to find) :) Thanks for inviting me :)

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Just posted :) I can't believe I posted pictures of my mess!!! ha ha ha Can't wait for next week!! FUN! Thanks again!

Emily said...

This is a great idea! I will start taking more photos--I have lots of evidence. :)

cabesh said...

It's up. Love the idea. Hugs.

P.S. I hope my kids don't see the pictures on my post. I won't let them jump down the stairs.....we have one child that's very accident prone.

QueenScarlett said...

Kelly - I LOVE IT!
Emily - Can't wait!

cabesh said...

I hope my kids don't see the pictures on your post because I won't let them do exactly that. We have one that's far too accident prone for such things. :)

Mrs. O said...

THis makes me wish my camera wasn't broken. We used to jump off my grandma's stairs onto a huge (6'x2') round pillow - those were the days.

dalene said...

That is SO fun. No one is home at my house today, so we are BO-RING. But I enjoyed everyone else's.

QueenScarlett said...

cabesh - good idea. I had to capture the moment, before I made them dismantle this ER activity. ;-)

Mrs. Organic - I can't wait for your camera to be fixed too...and eagerly await your finished quilts too.

Dalene - I never imagine your home to be boring. It's impossible.

Tiffany said...

Great shots....I will be sure to check back often. Great idea.


Unknown said...

Those pictures had me cracking up. I would post some messy pictures of my house, but I actually picked it up before I went to bed last night!

Unknown said...

Great idea! I always like to see the reality of life for families. Not always the perfectly captured Martha Stewart moments.
Here is my post:

QueenScarlett said...

Tiffany - thank you! Hope you do join us.

Dixie Mom - thanks! They crack me up! Hope to see you next week.

Priscilla - loved your pics - I went ahead and added you to the current post via mr. linky - CHEERS!

Teddy Started It said...

Oh that looks like fun! And what a fun project you're starting. Thanks for popping by my cupcake post:D

Tracy said...

Looks like your girls had a great time and sounds like a super fun idea. Thanks for stopping by and I'll have to get my camera snapping.

QueenScarlett said...

Teddy - we love cupcakes.
Tracy - thank you! Can't wait to peek in on your Friday post!