Saturday, April 5, 2008


This is the first time I've avidly watched Dancing With the Stars... I'm more a "Do You Think You Can Dance?" fan...but thought since my hubby and I like dancing together... to check it out.

I just want to say...I don't care that Priscilla is Elvis' wife... her face won't move and it frightens me. Also...would the judges stop kissing her a** because she is Elvis' wife? The fact that she can't move anything above her upper lip should immediately eliminate the paddle points.

While I like hearing the commentary from my hubby about how Adam Corolla isn't enjoying being in the show... his jokes about Mormons are falling flat.

I love Marlee Matlin... enough with the constant mentions about her being deaf - she's so much better than Priscilla. Give Marlee the paddle points!

...and of course Kristi Yamaguchi is good... she's a figure skater... I'd be surprised if she doesn't win...and I always did like her skating.

...oh and poor Monica Seles... that white girl can't dance. I cringed every time she tried... poor thing.

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