Sunday, April 6, 2008

Snippets of Conference

I've always loved conference. I have notebooks full of notes...since having kids it's been snippet listening, reading... so I was really pleased when, because I tivo'd conference... I was able to watch and hear Ballard's talk... I LOVED it... once the text is posted I'll be able to pick out the exact quotes that made me shout "YES!" over and over again. I wanted to shout out loud - "are you all hearing this??? This is exactly how I feel!!!" ROCK ON BALLARD... ROCK ON.

ps. During President Monson's last talk of conference - the feeling of his mantle as Prophet was so clear to me I started to cry. I'd been needing that personal confirmation and it came. I feel so blessed that the Lord didn't think I was insignificant...that I was worth letting know, that yes, he is leading the Church now.

pps. I have yet to hear the entire of conference, but I also really enjoyed Holland's talk about being christian.

ppps. My friend Jon posted a bunch of links for specific conference


compulsive writer said...

I'm with you on all three counts--Elder Ballard, President Monson (I needed that too and felt it) and Elder Holland. That man is bold and right on.

Amy said...

So Elder Ballard and President Monson were the only two speakers I heard of Sunday conference. I just have to say "YES MA'AM" to your post! Can't wait to start sifting through the rest of Sunday's talks.

(Sunday activities involved me waking up vomiting at 5am and retching until those last two talks.... at which point I crawled out onto the couch and curled up in a ball. But you know what? I needed those last two talks! It was enough to boost my spirits and then some.)

~j. said...

YES. Elder Holland is such a magnificent teacher. And President Monson: I know just what you mean about witnessing to the change of the mantle from one man to another. Even his voice was somehow different.

That night, instead of scripture reading, we cued up the part of Elder Ballard's talk which began, "Now you children, listen to me." And watched it, like, five times. And quizzed the kids on it. You can bet I'll be referring to that one a whole lot.

Queen Scarlett said...

cw - you are right...I love that word - "bold"

I'm so sorry Amy! I hope you're feeling better.

~j - that's so funny. I made Kalea come back and listen to that part too... ahhaha