Monday, April 14, 2008

Service: Singing Telegram

So our Relief Society decided to do a service auction last month. My friend Amie and I thought we'd offer up two services together. She came up with a picnic in the park and I thought it would be fun(ny) to offer a singing telegram. This is funny because I am by no means a singer.

So one of our friends purchased both and one of our other friends Dawn asked if she could purchase the singing telegram after the fact. We thought this was fun so we said we'd do it just for friendship's sake. So... we went to sing to Dawn's son today, who turned 14 yesterday.

We had no idea the red-tape to get onto a middle school probably didn't help we looked... unsavory...couldn't they tell this was a joke?!

We busted in the room without permission from the administration regardless... and properly embarrassed Dawn's son. That's how it goes down children. Parents have a right to embarrass their kids - all in the name of love.

ps. That, my dear friends is my chubby got back - aw yeah.


Amy said...

Hey, does the singing telegram travel?

Queen Scarlett said...