Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I still do what my Momma tells me

So my parents have been using this blender for years. They are such good examples of eating healthy and changing their food habits to suit the different stages of their lives. Plus, they do a really good job of looking out for each other and taking care of each other.

Naturally they want my babies to be healthy...seeing as my oldest refuses to eat veggies - this blender was the perfect solution.

Now we have a smoothie everyday, loaded with:
1 cup grapes (peels and seeds)
1 cup strawberries (with core and leaves)
1 banana (peeled - if the monkey's don't eat the peel - neither do we)
1 apple (with peel and seeds)
1/8 of a cantaloupe (with the seeds not the peel)
1/2 a cucumber (with peel)
1/8 of a cabbage
1/2 cup of carrots
1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt (organic)
1/4 cup of juice (100% variety)
1/4 cup flax

I can't tell you how happy it makes me that they are eating veggies and don't even know about it. I love how easy it is for me to blend it and then clean this machine. It's literally a 5 min max to clean. We are now buying fruits and veggies in bulk for the four of us. It's fantastic. This can work as a total meal replacement. I love that summer is on it's way... just think of all the other fruits I'll be mixing in...

ps. I've been meaning to mention this - my Mom taught me to wash grapes, strawberries... in salt water. It's amazing how much extra dirt comes off the fruit. I tend to rinse 2-3 times after too... salt is an amazing tool.


Lucky Red Hen said...

Why do you include the leaves & seeds? Are there nutrients in them that are enough to benefit or will taking them out be a major detraction? What's the texture like... does EVERYTHING get pulverized so it's silky smooth, or do you still feel tiny chunks? I'd LOVE to do this for my family, but everytime I've tried different recipes, my 4yr old balks at the texture more than the taste.

Queen Scarlett said...

It's for the vitamins and minerals that are in the seeds and leaves.

That blender totally pulverizes everything... it's the blender that Jamba Juice uses and Baskin Robbins... all those chains use this blender.

Course if you wanted could adjust the speed and time you blend... I love smoothies, as do my this is a great way to eat tons of veggies and fruits by drinking them down.

Does your Costco do demos? I bought mine at Costco and they do demos every few months or so. You can taste it there and watch them do the pulverizing. ;-)

Lucky Red Hen said...

Oh, that's the 5 hundred dollar industrial blender, huh? I wonder if the Cuisinart would act the same way???

Queen Scarlett said...

At costco it's 350

Amy said...

Is it ok if I lust after your Vitamix? Some day it will be mine!!! Some day!!!!! It's been my favorite booth at the L.A. County fair every year since I was in grade school. (Right next to the *NO AMMONIA*Pearl safe*mango smelling jewelry cleaner---WHICH I own -it was in the budget- and I will bear testimony is the BEST jewelry cleaner on the face of the planet!!!) Plus they give out the best samples.

We are HUGE smoothie drinkers here. I love how you can throw in all sorts of things and come up with these great tasting concoctions that are actually good for you!!!!

Woahhh.. salt water rinse? This is new to me!! Tell me more!