Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stuff I'm not...

  • a pick-up truck girl - I don't like the look, I just don't get it
  • monster truck rally girl - I don't understand how this is entertaining
  • chuck-e-cheese girl - the whole vibe turns me off
  • walmart fan - seriously...this is where scary trolls go during the day and night, there's a reason why there are metal detectors
  • marshall's, ross, kohl's, tj maxx... shopper - it requires you to shop all the time to find something decent...I don't have the patience and time to shop like this - I want to get-in and get-out
  • nascar fan - like the trucks, I seriously don't get it
  • fast food consumer - I hate feeling greasy inside...I do get a craving for a burger once in a while... but it'll be six months before I do have another because I can feel my body bulge after just one.
  • thrift store girl - the idea of someone's old stuff...kinda creeps me out. I know the rage is vintage...but um...isn't that just old crap? If so...i have a lot of vintage stuff in my garage - have at it. (I do like new vintage... stuff that's new styled very nicely)
  • King's fan - never ever been interested...most people in the Sac area are nuts about them. Course I'm not big on sports period...unless it's to play.


compulsive writer said...

I won't beg to differ with you on anything here. Although I am forced to shop Wal-Mart on occasion due to budget constraints. Do I like it? No way.

And I do like to venture out to TJ Maxx once in awhile. You have to look, but the bargains are worth it. I would not go, however, if my kids were still little. No way can you browse when you're trying to chase, amuse, protect, etc. small children.

Queen Scarlett said...

you know what... I rarely shop...except for food... maybe when they're older... but I just realized... I hardly buy anything that isn't at the grocery store or Costco.

I did go to walmart for birthday party stuff last year... and the prices are great...but it's so far from me and the people are so scary... they try to touch my babies! ;-)

AzĂșcar said...

I'm with you on almost everything--except leave me my TJ Maxx! I rarely go in anymore because that place is like a hunt, but the unbelievable things I find when I do go are so worth it.

Oh, and the vintage, but you know me, I love vintage of a proper age.