Monday, April 28, 2008

I like it here - in this time - my present

Growing up I heard a lot of "back when things were better". I'll admit I thought that when I grew older and saw that the adults I thought had it together - didn't. It seems like so many people want to live in the past. I'll admit - the draw of Gone With the Wind and Jane Austen attire, and manners do have a certain draw for me.

Then again - I remember that Scarlett had to deal with the Civil War, scandal, slavery, and all manner of backwards behavior towards women. My Austen heroines had to figure out how to find love and secure financial/class position in an era where women held little value. I think it would always bother me that a man's whoring was acceptable and if a woman took a coach alone, her reputation would be indelibly stained.

That's why when I see folks jonesin' for a period of time - be it the 40s with WWII or any other period... I wonder wha...???

Here's how I see it. I'm so grateful to live now, in this dispensation. Sure we have our share of troubles. But I don't think any time is supposed to have a period without challenges. I'm grateful that I don't have to do my laundry by hand. That I don't have to worry about gathering food from sunup to sundown.

I'm grateful that I can keep in touch with my family and keep tabs on each other with the touch of button. I'm grateful that I have a wealth of information and opportunities to learn with a teeny tiny click.

I love that as a woman today, my value is entirely what I make of it. I am grateful that my husband doesn't expect to sit around the house after working outside the home. That he comes home and knows it's expected to share the load. And he cleans the toilets.

I'm grateful that I live in an area and time where not being white is not a disadvantage. That I live where people have diverse ideas and thoughts. I am grateful that I live in a time where making charitable donations and giving time is something that actually can enter my thoughts during the day.

I am grateful for modern science and medicine. That intelligence continues to find ways to help us live better. That lives are saved daily. That we no longer die from a common cold. That giving birth isn't also a chance to leave a child motherless. I'm grateful for maxi pads/tampons.

I'm grateful the garbage is taken from my street every week. I'm grateful that we have five times more recycling than we do garbage.

I'm grateful for fresh fruit, veggies and specialty chocolate. I'm grateful for my car. It makes me feel sporty and sexy while transporting my precious cargo.

I'm grateful for blogging - it connects those of us that have always felt sort of out there with validation. I'm grateful that I can shop online and not have to waste time looking confused and over stimulated in the store. I love air conditioning.

I love that I can go to the library or bookstore and find a wealth of literature at my finger tips. I love the ease of travel. The chance to explore and experience new places. I love living where I can sample a variety of gourmet foods. I'm grateful that I have to work at staying healthy and fit. I'm grateful for my glasses - so I can see clearly. I'm grateful for Saul my hair guy who does brilliant things with color.

I'm grateful for TV - that has shows that can help educate, and entertain. I love that my girls are babbling Chinese from watching Ni Hao Kai Lan. That I can sustain our Prophet via satellite in my family room. I love how much time and money is saved in this day. That I can get clothing, home accessories...etc... that we actually have time to think about the design of our living space.

People may bag on this present and choose to live in the past. Not me. I like to learn from the past and embrace the present, looking with hope for the future. I like it here. It's just... awesome. Check it below.


compulsive writer said...

I think I'm one generation removed from the husband cleaning the toilets age, but mine did change diapers and, now that I've gone back to work he cooks now and then, so I consider myself blessed.

As I am pretty much a "in the here and now" kind of gal, I'd have to say I agree with you. I'm happy to be here and now.

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks CW!

Putz said...

yeh, i'm grateful that i can see my PROPHET via sattelite also, i hope we have the same prophet