Friday, April 11, 2008

My latest obsession

It must be PBS' fault. With the last few months of Austen every Sunday I've been guzzling tea... with my pinkie up. Maybe not the pinkie...but hot with honey. For me there's something so cozy about a nice cup of tea. My Grandma on my father's side told me that the Chinese believe women should drink liquids that are not too cold, preferably room temp, or warm. It's the yin yang thing. I'm to the point I don't like things cold. So a cup of tea before bedtime is the perfect way to end an evening.

I think I'm starting my own little collection of tea. The lovely green tea pot is from my friend Sally and the cute butterfly compact set is from my friend Candice. Both were thank you gifts and... both times I was surprised and so giddy from their thoughtful appreciation.

Every time I drink tea my oldest wants to drink it with me, in her own tea cup. I think I need to get little lady tea set for her...and me. Isn't it cute?

Tomorrow night I'm hosting a Jane Austen tea night. We're going to watch an Austen themed movie (Becoming Jane or The Jane Austen Book Club in case you were wondering), exchange tea cups, drink tea and eat tea munchies. Scones, clotted cream, and lemon curd here I come.


Lucky Red Hen said...

Splendid idea on the Jane Party! I SO wish I lived near you :(

Queen Scarlett said...

But you got to hug CW! I'd love to do that dream ward/neighborhood thing my dear friend Cabesh is tossing around... that would be awesome. Then I'd be able to live near your talented eye.

Amy said...

I SO coveted that tea set when I saw it!!! ;) Why can't people who throw Jane parties live near me?? Or at least people who would attend one if I did the throwing?????