Friday, May 16, 2008

Fabulous Finales

I wish I could do the LOST sound effect right now... BOOM! There's a reason why I love this show. I love the characters. They become so familiar and so real that you're invested in what happens to them. The writers and actors are pulling their weight, baby. (I have to thank my brother for making me watch the first episode of the series when it started way back when... best recommendation ever)

I had a rush of girl power when Sun approached her corrupt father and announced she had taken control of his company. No matter what are known for underestimating women.

I love Sawyer and his nicknames. The Genghis one cracked me up. I'm wishing Thursday was a lot closer right now.

The Office... love the way Dwight set up the new HR gal with his information about Kevin. Every time Kevin did anything I laughed.

Is it me or ... were you hoping Michael would finally have a little happiness? He's a tragic...and tragically funny character. But like any good story... characters must be tortured.

Pam and Jim are too cute... I love them. I can totally empathize with Pam... but see why Jim didn't go through with it anyway. *sigh* The writers have to keep us guessing and create tension... no one is allowed a free, happy ending.

And I totally agreed when they said that Ryan was arrested for that beard. Amen.

Do you think Angela just said yes to mess with Dwight a little more? I think it worked... poor Phyllis.


This coming Thursday... 2 hour premiere Jidges and all... better than any American Idol... 'nuff said.


Putz said...

i think you are alone on a moutain top...i tried to find an interest in any of your topics, and can't do it...don't like t.v. dance or nursing

~j. said...

My computer says 3:23 AM -- I am awake because I was nursing the baby. I fell asleep a few hours ago watching SYTYCD. (I LOVE that you wrote Jidges!) And though I've never seen Lost, I love The Office. Poor Toby. Do you think he's really going to be gone? Michael's pure hatred for Toby it hysterical. And I loved the Kevin thing, too. Makes me want to watch all the episodes I have with that mindframe.

Queen Scarlett said...

~j - Michael's comments in front of Toby are the best... cracks me up. Poor, poor Toby. Can't wait for next season!