Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The problem is

Even though I love the convenience of my iPhone I have found that I am forgetting to answer emails.

I like checking email. Have been an addict since I was... 15 or 16 when I was in an Internet class. Remeber IRC and there was this "university" online where we used code to create our own rooms on campus and "interactive" objects... that was all text. Boy...that's a long ways from where we are now...and I am sitting in a rockin' chair reminiscing about the "olden" days.

But back to email. Now with iPhone I just take a peek on the phone and I don't have to turn on my computer all day unless I blog...but the problem is I check the email and then I forget to check it on my computer to respond. So I know there are loads of emails that haven't been responded to because I just...forget after I've looked at them. I pretty much need to respond as soon as I read the email to remember to reply. I have very bad short-term memory. Bad long-term memory too.

There was something else totally random I have been wanting to post...but I can't remember. And it's driving me crazy.

oh it is... Bluetooth.

My car is equipped with bluetooth so I'll dial my honey in the car with the girls and say "Call ---- Work" and in the back you'll hear my baby shout it - then my oldest. Then after bossy Betty confirms the number she asks, do you want to "Call ---- Work?" I tell bossy Betty , YES. And in the back I hear the baby shout YES and then the oldest shout YES. It makes me smile every time. Little things, I tell ya... it's the little things.

...I'm off to go change some poop. CHEERS!


W3 Ward Blog said...

I'm too lazy to look it up, but I think I programmed my iPhone to leave my read emails as un-read in my email account.

Azúcar said...

I'm so jealous of your iPhones. Other Half makes fun of me for wanting one--WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?

Someday my car will have Bluetooth...and power windows/locks too.

Azúcar said...

OK, I have to say it here because I can't say it any place where Other Half might read it..

But he bought me ugly jewelry for Mother's Day and could have spent the same amount on an iPhone.


Azúcar said...

I am so ungrateful and a total brat.

Azúcar said...
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Queen Scarlett said...

First... I'm laughing so hard my bum is well...jiggling. crack me up. Other half ... should've let you just go buy your own Mother's day gift. I guess he did try. ;-)

I bought myself a Cole Haan bag for Mother's day... I would sleep with it if I wasn't already sleeping with my honey and Pooh bear.

Lucky - thank you for the it bad I'm too lazy and I mentioned my jiggly bum...but I'm not going to look it up?