Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let's get it started ...



it's 12:40 am and it's 75 degrees outside.

ps. I just gave my 19.5 mo old a boobie because she gets up in the middle of the night...every night. I sat there in the dark nursing her and she does what she always does... plays with my hand unconsciously as she nurses. I feel like the luckiest woman alive. Everyone keeps telling me to wean...and I told myself before I had her older sister I'd breastfeed like nobody's business...but if my baby could ask for it ... I'd cut them off. I couldn't cut Kalea off until she self-weaned at 18 months, even then I was the one that had a hard time... it was so sad to lose that baby time. Now, I can't bring myself to determine a date to wean Melia. Truthfully... like Rhett says, "frankly my dear(s) I don't give a damn" I like that she still needs boobie, even if it means sleepless nights and time-outs from my day.

I usually sing to her when I nurse... sometimes she requests songs (Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, Popcorn, other songs from music class... Twinkle and Lullaby in Chinese) ... and if I sing the wrong song she pops off the boob to say "NO SONG". It always makes me laugh. I'll sing itsy bitsy spider and tickler her while she's nursing. It is the cutest thing watching and hearing her giggle as she keeps nursing. Sometimes she pulls off, postponing her suckling to sing with me. Yesterday she said "MY BOOBIE". I swear - I would not give any of this up for all the riches in the world.

Moments like these... are what joy is made of.

pps. I know nursing is diff't for everyone... I am just very grateful that after the difficulty latching my first go around... my milk was/is ample and it never hurts....except when they test to see if their gums/teeth work. I could have been a nurse maid back in the day.


AzĂșcar said...

Preach it sister :)

You know how I feel...they'll all wean themselves eventually, no need to pick a calendar date. It's not like you pick a date that they need to be walking by and make them stick to it, "Sorry Melia, the calendar says you should be walking by now, I can't pick you up anymore."

Do whatever your heart tells you to do, everyone else can go jump in a lake.

Queen Scarlett said...

I hope the lake is very, very cold. ;-)

Melia likes me to carry her up and down the stairs if I'm close enough for her say "Mommy hold you". She, unlike her sister has discovered laziness much earlier.