Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stupid Argument

My husband contends that because he has to lift up the seat to pee - that we can put the seat down to pee.

I contend that I close the lid, and teach my girls to close the lid after peeing... so he has nothing to stand/sit on. (har) We lift up the lid to pee and then we close it. It's called responsibility. It takes what... one measly second?

He says he's outnumbered - what the hell does that have to do with closing the lid???

It's simple... close the damn lid - no matter if you stand or sit to go pee. Put it back the way you found it. And... given that he installed the soft-close lids on all our toilets - it's just a tiny little flick and it shuts itself!!! It shuts itself... you just have to barely flick your wrist... seriously.

And if you make your 3 year old put the seat down - shame on you.

Photos in case there are other dumb males who can't figure it out. It is not our fault you have to pee standing up. If it's that hard to put down the lid - sit down and pee. We have to deal with a period every friggin' month - shut the damn lid already.

ps. Both photos found on the Internet - that tile is hideous, as is wall paper.


W3 Ward Blog said...

Who decided that they are supposed to STAND to pee? Maybe they're supposed to be sitting anyway. Besides, they make WAY more of a mess by standing than they would if they sat :|

Queen Scarlett said...

That is VERY good question. I googled it...and on wiki.answer.com it said this: "It's an instinctive territorial ancestral "thing"... Just as dogs lift their legs, men stand up and pee "on" the urinal... Men in tribes pee on trees and shrubs... Just as we once did before we became civilized."

So...it's another stupid male territorial thing. This is why it is his job to clean the toilets - he makes a splattering mess and ours... ours is flushed all down the toilet.

soybeanlover said...

He's outnumbered so he should DEFINITELY put it down.

I'm outnumbered so even though Clark doesn't use it yet, I'm ok leaving it up. If the balance changes we'll talk about it. His own argument works against him. The needs of the many outweigh the wants of the one(cause seriously at 3.5 yr old needs the seat down, a 30 something man only wants the seat up).

For some reason this reminds me of when Nephi killed Laman so that his posterity could have the Brass Plates. I know it is a SUPER WAY long shot to compare having the Scriptures with the toilet seat, but hey it is what popped into my head. One guy suffers so that many can be blessed.

compulsive writer said...

We have the same argument at our house where the females are outnumbered by the males 2 to 4, but I still maintain the seat belongs in the down position. If it were meant to be up there would be no lid or it would be a urinal.

And what, do guys stand to poo, too?


Seat down already!

Putz said...

i used to clean lds church houses, and let me tell you, women are the worst at cleanliness, quit bashing the men. they are careful and considerate

Queen Scarlett said...

My thing is... close the toilet. It is disgusting to leave it open so all the particles can land on whatever is nearby... floating in the air after it's flushed.

It's a simple thing of returning the toilet to the off position. Putting things back the way they are supposed to be. Putting a cap on when you're done with the toothpaste. Putting the milk in the fridge when you're down. This has NOTHING to do with bashing men... but everything to do with being responsible. If you think this is too darn hard...perhaps a self-evaluation is needed.

I have yet to hear of a man talk about the cleanliness of their bathrooms. What with them aiming their pee all over things in the men's room. Honestly!

Is it really that hard of a concept??? When you're done...just close it... really... is it that hard???

cabesh said...

We had this discussion at the beginning of our marriage--but I won outright! I told him that if he chose to touch the germs on the toilet seat (after all, he could sit) with his hands, that was his business. But, I didn't feel that I should HAVE to touch them because of his actions.

Craig said that was the first logical argument he had ever heard on the matter, and has put the seat down ever since. Good luck!

Julie said...

My MIL made her husband and sons sit, so the toilet seat thing wasn't a big deal when I got married. I've taught my boys to sit as well, unless they are in a public restroom. (That's the only place where I wish I could stand to pee.) MIL figured if she had to be the one cleaning the toilets, she should have a say in how they were used. (Did I say how much I love my MIL?) And knowing how whatever is in the toilet becomes airborne when you flush? Ewwww! (And it lands on any exposed surface--toothbrushes included.) Toilet seat is ALWAYS put down at my house before we flush.

Amy said...

I say SEAT DOWN for the sole reason that if I stumble into the bathroom to pee in the wee hours, I don't want to end up with a cold, wet bum in the toilet. ;) Is that too much to ask???? Didn't think so.

Queen Scarlett said...

Julie - yes... I get the heebie jeebies with how many particles are floating in the air when people don't close the lid. So um... I like your MIL.

Amy - I've had a few of those cold wet bums... pisses me off. ;-)

Queen Scarlett said...

Cabesh - I will try that one on him. ;-)