Saturday, May 24, 2008


My parents tell me that if you have dreams and can remember them when you wake - you did not have a good night's sleep. I always remember my dreams...mine are often like movies, with sound tracks, eerie sound effects... and great camera angles.

The other night it was a dream where I had four finals - all in subjects I didn't particularly like in high school. Of course... I hadn't even shown up, let alone study. The classes: Biology, Some math class with Szady... but I think she taught science, Chem (what's new? Frequency!), and Spanish with Arillaga. I also remember my US hist teacher walking through one of the classes. It was weird and terrifying.

...also Aunt Flow is a nightmare. Pre-kids - I was on a routine, predictable schedule. Post-kids it's always a "pleasant" surprise.


compulsive writer said...

I really love manipulating my dreams. I have to be in a certain state to do it, but it's kind of fun.

Putz said...

i wonder about dreams, because i keeping having one over and over, i go to the utah state registar and she says all you need is three more credit hrs, to graduate, and so i tske 6 hrs and spend all night trying to find my classes, and take my tests, and tehn go back to see and i'm told no, not yet, after hundreds of classes, i,m still wandering around with no results

Amy said...

My mom always told me the same thing about dreams! But we were also one of those annoying families that HAS to talk about your dreams if you remember it when you wake up. It drives my husband crazy when I wake up remembering my dream. Because he will have to hear EVERY LAST detail. ;) hehehe

Queen Scarlett said...

Cw - you'll have to teach me how...if Colin Firth ever turns up in one.

Amy - That's me... if it's "scary" I will wake him up to tell him. One scary dream was a phone call and when I answered NO ONE WAS ON THE LINE! He didn't understand how that could be scary... but he also didn't see the shadows, the eerie lighting or the creepy lack of sound.