Sunday, May 11, 2008

My kind of Mother's Day

Sleeping in...although that was because Melia was a up a few times last night for a boobie.

Kalea coming in and cuddling and playing with Ry and I for nearly an hour before we decided it was time to go have breakfast. Kalea says the sweetest things... is such a protector to her sister and says I'm the best Momma ever. She can have anything she wants.

Staying in PJs.

Melia waking up right before breakfast...and grumpy-cute. What is it about little people that anything goes, and entertains me?

Ry making an omelette and tapsilog with fresh pineapple. Doesn't it look yummy?!

Sitting around our table as a family and enjoying a Daddy-made brunch. Talking, singing and watching my girls. I know some people get all dressed up, or on vacation...or some such thing on Mother's Day... but me - I like it at home, surrounded by my little family and soaking in the company, the smiles, the little expressions and I love yous - both spoken and shown.

Playing Boogie on the Wii. Having the girls trade off on the microphone. Singing as a family. Having Melia grab her little Pooh bear and lay herself in my lap and ask for boobie.

The evening ended with my honey and I making dinner - Caesar salad with pancetta and roasted cherry tomatoes (with made from scratch dressing - thank you Ina Garten), pasta and home made crescent butter rolls (recipe a la my mother).

I adore days like these. Time with the people I would give my life for. Oh...and yeah, we skipped church today. I don't feel guilty one bit.

ps. To all you lovely women out there who do or don't have children - Happy Mother's Day... I'm grateful for your Mother heart. In my opinion - you don't have to have a bazillion children to have that don't even have to have one. You just have to give your all each day. The good ladies I that. I feel lucky to be surrounded by good women. CHEERS!


Putz said...

so monday after mother's day, is there life after mother's day/???????

Anonymous said...

so nice

Queen Scarlett said...

putz - There is... refereeing, special moment and you know...all that make up the joys and chaos of motherhood. I'll take it all thank you.

nestle - isn't it? ;-) thanks.