Thursday, November 6, 2008

Goliath is still tromping around

Dear Blog-land,

Thank you for accepting my thoughts. Thank you for the support, and unwavering hard work. I am so grateful PROP 8 passed. And frankly, a little relieved.

I was looking forward to the end of this election and the chance to rest, and enjoy the peace of a democracy, even if my vote for president didn't win. I liked the example of McCain conceding defeat in a humble way - a class act.

Unfortunately, it looks like even though the people of California have spoken in favor of protecting marriage - the opposition will continue to work to overthrow our essential, basic, right to speech and choice. I know that had Prop 8 not passed, each of us would take that defeat, and move on. We would handle it with grace and class. The opposition on the other hand is filing lawsuits to overturn our voice. The opposition is speaking and spreading threats, and hate speech (Thanks Soccermom for the link). The opposition paints themselves to be victims who adore tolerance, but has shown by word, and deed that they are nothing but bullies with an insatiable appetite to force others to advocate what they believe. They need a lesson from McCain on how to lose with panache.

We won this first battle. I fear we have more to go. Let us not fall to the opposition's baseness. Let us keep the faith. Let us bolster each other and remember that when good people stand in the midst of overwhelming odds - we will stand, and we will, with heaven's help endure.

Thank you.

ps. Sorry La Yen - another post... but I swear I will post some Bahama and Halloween stuff...although you might not want to see more Bahama stuff. ;-)

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