Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Time is running out!

Last chance!

Free shipping ends tonight at midnight!

30% off towels!

Must have boots of the season!

Bogo ends Tuesday!

Delete, Delete, Delete.

Do you get emails like this? It drives me nuts. I know I should go and unsubscribe - but I wonder, what if... what if there's some crazy good deal?

Truth is though - I rarely ever shop. Don't get me wrong - I love retail therapy as much as the next gal, but I don't feel the compulsion anymore. I've never understood how you could go to Target every day to purchase things. I'm just tired of things...things that clutter, gather dust and take up space and energy.

My money ends up going to food. That I can get with. I believe in feeding our bodies and souls. All that extra stuff is just window dressing...and it fades... all of it.

This year I'm a little grateful for the economic woes. Don't get me hurts...but it's only when we hurt that we reflect and focus. It's time that we trim the fat. We spend far too much time accumulating things. Those American automakers begging for a handout... I say, it's time to close shop... I don't care how long you've been in business. There are other automakers out there... doing a good job...and not failing. Maybe... just maybe you need to swallow the pride and arrogance to reevaluate the lack of quality...the entire business model, and change.

Failing businesses are just one way the natural market takes care of success and mistakes. Do we really need a Circuit City a few miles from a Best Buy, Costco and Sam's Club? Do we need a Starbucks across the parking lot from a grocery store, which already has a Starbucks inside? Waste...

Truthfully, I remember running around a mall with bags galore... but that was when I was young and naive. Also... that shopping never did fulfill whatever it was I was trying to fill. I'm grateful for a chance to grow older and wiser. Maybe we could get gifts people need... not want. And if they don't need anything... find a way to show appreciation.

Another thing I recently learned... too many of us walk around with a mantra of "I should do..." I've learned saying that...and doing whatever you think "you should" will not make you happy. Maybe the activity is a good thing... but why bother doing it if your heart isn't in it? Happiness comes from placing our hearts in whatever it is we're doing, willingly. That's not to say there aren't things we ought to do... but there are a lot of outside commitments, and people we give of our precious time and energy that just don't make us happy.

This season I'm raising a glass to gratitude, saving, and losing the fat.


Brooke said...

Couldn't agree with you more. It's time to simplify and place more focus on what really matters! That's my motto for 2009! :)

sue-donym said...

I'll drink to that! Beautifully said.

Greek Goddess said...

Hurray for less clutter and things! My idea precisely. Although carrying it out is another matter...but I have been progressing in that department! I'll keep you posted.

soybeanlover said...

Here Here! All the big business guys are down for laissez faire until they are hurting and then they need help to help the economy. It doesn't help anyone to keep feeding something that is broken.

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Queen Scarlett said...

Amen...and awesome word verification. ;-)