Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm not in denial

Sure I have a cotton-head, sandpaper throat and my nose isn't totally clear. My eyes are actually sore...but that's only when they're open. And, yes I'd like to keel over into sleep at a moment's notice... but I'm not sick.

These are the reasons why I'm definitely not sick:

My husband isn't feeling well.
My oldest is still coughing, has a runny/stuffy nose...and threw up 3 days ago.
My youngest just threw up and has a runny nose, with occasional coughing. (Thrown up hot dog makes me not want one for a very, very long time)
I have dinner to finish, laundry to do and I need to get this house in order...again.
I also have a calling to complete...I get to do the newsletter and that means I get to beg, nag people to get me content about them.
Moms aren't allowed sick days....didn't you know?

So I am definitely, one-hundred percent fine. Totally well... I just need some more tea and honey...

Anyone else not in denial?

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