Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After

I am a mixed bag of emotions. I'm happy, grateful, relieved, tired and getting myself ready for the next four years. Oh...and it is now ok for me to have a cold. So I am also sniffling. I am also annoyed. My hubby's co-worker who lives in the area had his lawn vandanlized last night because of his YES on PROP 8 sign. They spray painted his trees black ... yesterday... election night...after it was all over. Honestly, what is wrong with people?

According to the LA Times... PROP 8 PASSED!!! While the media is so blatantly obviously against the issue with word-choice, and what not... I'll take it.

A HUGE hug of GRATITUDE goes out to our leaders in this PROP 8 quest. For their wisdom and enthusiasm. Gratitude goes out to all those who followed the Prophet, and demonstrated that when they raise their hand to support him, that they back-it-up with real action. Gratitude for the people of California, Florida and Arizona who chose to stand up for family, faith and country. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to join in a cause like this. I have been blessed by the examples around me. I have been touched by those who are more courageous than I. I have felt the power of standing, united, anxiously engaged in a good cause. Thank you to those in blogland here, and facebook who have stood up. The important thing is that we did something.

These are where our ballot measures in Calif lie at 8:24am

1A - Safe, Reliable High-Speed Train Bond Act
YES: 4,942,608 52.3%
NO: 4,519,174 47.7%
02 - Standards for Confining Farm Animals
YES: 6,092,642 63.3%
NO: 3,542,459 36.7%
03 - Children's Hospital Bond Act. Grant Program.
YES: 5,156,564 54.8%
NO: 4,263,907 45.2%
04 - Parent Notif. Before Terminating Minor's Pregnancy
YES: 4,594,086 47.6%
NO: 5,041,647 52.4%
05 - Nonviolent Drug Offense. Sentencing, Parole, Rehab
YES: 3,809,384 40.2%
NO: 5,666,263 59.8%
06 - Police, Law Enforcement Funding. Criminal Laws.
YES: 2,824,474 30.5%
NO: 6,411,741 69.5%
07 - Renewable Energy Generation
YES: 3,312,463 35.0%
NO: 6,132,340 65.0%
08 - Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry
YES: 5,195,136 52.1%
NO: 4,779,297 47.9%
09 - Criminal Justice System. Victims' Rights. Parole.
YES: 4,930,187 53.3%
NO: 4,329,903 46.7%
10 - Altern. Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy Bonds
YES: 3,765,368 40.1%
NO: 5,606,688 59.9%
11 - Redistricting
YES: 4,527,369 50.6%
NO: 4,436,491 49.4%
12 - Veterans' Bond
YES: 5,818,454 63.5%
NO: 3,358,628 36.5%

Can someone explain to me why chickens (prop 2) have more rights than parents (prop 4)? The anti-Prop 4 commercials implied that the girls that need to have abortions without parental rights are often from abusive homes. That is sad. But the opportunity to have an abortion without parental rights is not the solution. The solution is getting the girls the heck out of those I'm sad - I'm sad that chickens have more public support than parental rights and those of the unborn.

As for Obama, this article shared by my friend Jon on Google Reader sums up how I feel. So my question... how soon until he begins the PR way of lowering expectations from all the extravagant promises made on the campaign trail. Am I the only one not dazzled and driven to tears of emotion? I guess it's because I don't define myself by my race. And I have never, ever been a fan of affirmative action. I know everyone is crazy excited about the first Black man to win... but I guess if I won anything and people were crazy excited becaues I was Asian I'd be embarrassed and a little offended... I like to be judged on my character and what I do - not on what I look like. To me that's shallow and simple-minded.

Since the democrats own the legislature, executive branch and will inevitably litter the courts with activist judges - I only have this to say... how soon will they lay all the blame on the folks out of power? It's not a matter of if... it's a matter of when.

I love this country - I hope I am merely being cynical... I hope I am proven wrong. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Oh... and not surprising the financial markets are all down.

God bless the USA... we will need now, more than ever. I am told that if good people continue to do what is right, we can balance out opposition - for there is always opposition. Here we go...


soybeanlover said...

wow, you we're kidding about the rhetoric in that LA times article. What happened to the days of impartial reporting?

Queen Scarlett said...

Gone, baby. Gone.