Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Now we can return... our regular scheduled programming.

A favorite book right now... Can You Hear It?
the girls got this from my friend Carrie for their birthdays. They love dancing to it. It's a feast of works of art and musical masterpieces. I love the girls singing to the Cat opera... and if you like Little Einsteins mix of art and'll love this too.

I also need to make cinnamon rolls for my hubby to take to work tomorrow...because I promised his guys that I would if PROP 8 WINS! ;-) Cheers!

ps. I need to figure out how to keep the girls occupied while I sneak in a much needed shower.


La Yen said...

Give them a cinnamon roll. That will keep them busy.

And thank you for returning to normal. I need SOMEONE to return to normal before I have a stroke...

Greek Goddess said...

cinnamon rolls sound good, but today I bought a crunchy cinnamon bagel from Panera Bread (a new place for me, it was really yummy). My mom is a great cinnamon roll maker. I haven't learned it yet but hope to. Congrats on working hard for the cause we believe in. Although I have to say I'm relieved to have a break for now.

Queen Scarlett said...

I ended up popping Alice in Wonderland in the DVD player... they loved it...

Hubby had an endoscopy today...we were there for 4 hours! And... it's 8pm and I still haven't started those cinnamon rolls... maybe the guys at work won't mind if I do it tomorrow. ;-)

Cinnamon bagel sounds yummy. I do love homemade cinnamon rolls with frosting. ;-) mmmm..

AND... I hope it's really over... but do you hear all the crazy ACLU lawsuits in the queue? Nice huh? McCain knew how to admit defeat with class. When will the anti-Prop8ers act with class?