Monday, November 3, 2008


Tonight I stood with other supporters of YES on PROP 8.

We stood in the "cold" (at Calif temps of 54 - I know we're wimps compared to those East of us), and the cleansing rain.

fuzzy scarf... check
long sleeve shirt...check
sweater... check
rain coat... check
boots ... check
umbrella ...check
time of the month... check

I forgot to bring my PROP 8 sign and my gloves. The sign...not a problem - they had tons. Gloves... well, fingers thaw eventually.

Rally out in the wind and rain... AWESOME. Truly awesome. Standing amongst people from all different backgrounds and faith ... only reinforced my own. Hearing all the honking from commuters getting home from work - thrilling...and instinctively made me shout my "WHOO" I use at sports events or concerts.

I don't have mad iMovie skills... but my friend Amy sent me this...

Sure we had some of those people who claim to be tolerant but instead choose to do intolerant things to people who don't follow their views lock-step... but when they flip you off or act like monkeys... you smile...because I only needed one hand to count up those folks.

Seeing women who found a way to support the cause with young ones in tow... awesome. Camille's hubby wasn't home yet from work, but drove her car up and down honking her support with her kids in the car. Carrie's kids, Shannon's kids, Bonnie's kids, and Leah's kids... plus some...all there. How often in a lifetime do you get to truly stand up for your beliefs like that?

It made me grateful to live where I do. The people here are still solid. Granted... if I still lived in the Bay Area I would probably be smelling like raw eggs, and what not... exciting? Yes. But I love where I live. It's going to come down to folks who live in the inland areas to move the vote. It will take people of all faiths and backgrounds with wisdom to stand.

And... I want to thank my friend Carrie (Cabesh) who happened to be inspired. Right before I was about to get dressed for the rally my hubby said there was a package from Godiva...

All I have to say is I LOVE YOU BONAZZA! You make my heart glad.

ps. Bring on the RAIN...and we'll supply the SUNSHINE VOTES - YES ON PROP 8


It's Me said...

To know we were all united for one cause last night warms my heart to tears.

Us, in "P.C." Manhattan Beach walked with our signs held proud as some "pro" honks and thumbs overshadowed the thrown food and degrading yells.

We stood obedient to the call to unite and were faithful to the end. Yet, my heart is full of sad for those who chose not to be.

Queen Scarlet, I will miss your entries on this subject as my thoughts paralleled yours. You've got me hooked so I'll stick around.

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks it's me. I'm sorry you had to deal with the nasty behavior.

Thanks for joining in the conversation.

... I'm still waiting... still hopeful.