Thursday, February 26, 2009

Extracting my wisdom

... Teeth.

Three of them.


I'm terrified.

The only stories I hear are about pain, lot's of pain. Sockets... and pain...giant chipmunk cheeks. OH... AND PAIN. And... I hate medications...drugs... going under. Yeah... so... does anyone have any good stories? If you have horror ones... feel free to share those too... (my brother before his mission had his out... he threw up blood after he got wonder why I'm terrified?) because... at least I've been forewarned.

Does it help that my wisdom teeth erupted after I got pregnant with K...back in 2004? Will it be easier... or does the fact that I'm older... you know... everything goes down hill after you're 30...


La Yen said...

I had mine out in my mid twenties. All four. They put me to sleep, I woke up, they were gone. I put some bags of frozen veg on my face and took some Tylenol 3 and called it good.

Just follow their instructions and don't drink soda.

soybeanlover said...

I was sonervous I didn't sleep the night before or for the anesthetic. Mine were impacted, and I could hear it all, but didn't feel a thing. I was super hopped up on goofballs for like three days after, it was very sureal, but even with the dry sockets it wasn't that bad. Then again it was 12 years ago, but hey I'm here and alive so it went fine. My favorite memory of the whole thing was being a chatty cathy afterward and having them tell me to quiet down. I've had a lot worse than wisdom teeth. You'll do fine. I have faith in you!

Queen Scarlett said...

I'm hoping I'll lose some weight after the procedure... liquid diet. Whoo hoo. ;-) Bright side eh?!

cabesh said...

I had them out over Christmas break of my freshman year at BYU. Not bad at all. They didn't put me out, 2 of the 3 were compacted and I had no swelling and no pain.

In fact, I had a bunch of friends over that night and I just ate icecream while they ate pizza. I think I was on normal food two days later.

You can do it!!!!

Holli said...

I just had mine taken out a year ago next month. I was nervous about it too. But I survived it! :-) I had never been put under and didn't want to be - I figured I'd had fillings without any pain meds, so I figured I was tough enough. But I did have 5 teeth to take out, not just 4. So they put me under. I threw up shortly after getting home. But just that once, then I was okay. I was pretty out of it the rest of the day from the anesthesia. I barely remember anything except sleeping and my mouth feeling really weird with all the numbness. But my swelling was very minimal. I drank Jamba Juice. I mostly slept and rested all that day. The rest of the recovery was fairly easy - just careful how I chewed, had to squirt food out of the pockets occasionally. It really wasn't bad.

The unknown and thinking about it before hand is worse than the actual experience. You'll be fine! Good luck!!

AzĂșcar said...

Mine went fine. I had a great oral surgeon and it really wasn't bad at all. I did faint when I tried to stand up by myself in the recovery room, but that was really dumb of my to try to do. So don't be an idiot and try to walk by yourself as soon as you're finished.

Queen Scarlett said...

Thanks Ladies. I need to ask my "anne shirley" imagination to chill out.

Good to know there are "ok" experiences.

I also received a blessing from my man. I love blessings.

Queen Scarlett said...

Turns out... not as bad as I anticipated... after the vomiting... crazy slurred speaking which made my girls laugh and my husband record for all posterity.

For some reason I expected it to be as bad as recovering from a c-section. I know I AM CRAZY. So there.

Thanks for all the advice and support... I am the biggest chicken in all of Christendom... ;-)