Friday, February 6, 2009

He's my Valentine

I think K or M took this picture. How they see their Daddy.

Our marriage isn't perfect. We disagree on things. I don't cave to him, he doesn't cave to me. He doesn't think his word is law. If anything, he let's my word become law. We have blissful moments. We also have doldrums. He knows how to make me weak at the knees, and I can still turn him on. We both make each other laugh. There are things I do that are baffling to my hubby...and things he does that baffle me. He's my sounding board, and he tells me when I'm out of line. He's also willing to change to improve our family. I will say, my honey knows how to be a man.

Last Saturday I was busy working on our Relief Society newsletter. It was late, and I still had the kitchen to clean up. While I was working on the computer, he was in the kitchen cleaning it up. He even detailed the counters.

On Sunday when the girls were feeling sick still, and he woke up feeling hoarse, I went to Church and taught his Sunday School class. I came home to a spic and span bedroom. He'd spent the morning making it lovely again.

When he came home from work on Monday, he started vacuuming the stairs. He did it because he knows I have a hard time doing it. Why don't they make reasonable vacuums that can do stairs? Dyson should do this. We have a Dyson...but it's too bulky for stairs.

My hubby overlooks my shortcomings and the baggage I come with, from my childhood. He loves me just as I am...even though I am a high-maintenance woman. I feel grateful that he forgives easily, and is quick to apologize. That he is tender, sweet and patient with our daughters, and with me. They know that their father will apologize when he is wrong. They know that their father will always love them just as they are, and will not be harsh with them. I love how he'll turn on music in the family room, specifically to get us all dancing together.

I love that my hunny looks for things that will help make my day better. I need to do a better job of remembering this in my daily comings and goings. He's a good example to me. I love my hunny bunny, secksy wexy, sweetie wootie. I confess that since having children I've felt less... alluring, bare. I've always been a bit self-conscious about my small bust, now they're bigger ...but less perky... and I wonder if I'll ever get rid of that flap above the c-section I do feel bad that I don't attack him with wild abandon when we were first married. I need to get over my own issues and actually believe him when he says I'm beautiful. And that my dear friends... makes me one lucky woman. (Yes, those were names I called him when we were dating... time to dust those names off and start using them again...maybe some flirty teddys too...maybe)

We love you!

Your girls

He took a bunch of pics of me with my new do... this was his favorite candid shot.