Sunday, February 22, 2009


Or... how adorable is Hugh Jackman??!!

I would've have skipped the kiss-a, love-fest that is the Oscars. BUT... my guy Hugh Jackman was on... you know... Wolverine.

For those of you that did watch - when Tilda Swinton said "The five of us represent...." Didn't you want her to say "...the final five cylons"?

I'm a sucker for song and dance - so Hugh... *sigh*... but what was up with Beyonce lip-sinking...and being off with the music track?

That's all... and I don't like smug, self-important actors like Penn... he bugs...and I want to iron out his wrinkles...and I hate ironing.

....and I forgot... I loved the short animated film acceptance... "Domo Arrigato Mr. Roboto...." awesome.


dalene said...

I adore Wolverine (do you remember ages ago when I posted about how guys like Disney princesses and girls want their Wolverines?), but when I first heard he was hosting I was a bit surprised. I missed the beginning (waiting to catch it on YouTube), but I thought he did a nice job.

Queen Scarlett said...

I do remember that post. Even when I was young and watched those X-men cartoons... I liked Wolverine. ;-) hehehe FYI...I watched them because my brothers' controlled the remote.