Monday, February 16, 2009


I often scoff at superstition.

Chinese people don't like the number 4 or the color white. Both of which symbolize death. As a child I was never allowed to wear a white hair band, clip, etc.

Chinese also believe that if you don't clean your bowl at mealtimes, as a child, you'll marry a pock-faced spouse.

In the middle ages, anything unexplained would be considered witchcraft.

Friday the 13th seems to always illicit another stupid horror movie. (I hate commercials for them... they freak me out)

Beware of black cats that cross your path.

Don't walk under ladders.

I was sitting in the family room today and realized, I have my own... superstitions.

When my hubby used to go on business trips, I'd be extra jumpy. At night, after the girls were in bed I'd shower and then jump into my garments as soon as possible... because I believed that if I wore them - no harm would come to us.

We're supposed to keep the Sabbath Day holy. So even when I have to take my daughter into urgent care and buy her medicine on Sunday - I feel as though I'm tempting bolts of lightening.

I know I have more like this...but the exhaustion of this entire week is... weakening my ability to form coherent thought. So... what about you? What superstitions do you have? Help me jog my short-circuiting brain.


dalene said...

She's still not well? I'm so sorry. I hope she's feeling better soon.

O'Connor Family said...

Polynesians have ALOT of superstitions and these unfortunately, are the ones I tend to believe.
1. Never point your finger at a gravesite, it's consider rude and if you do bad luck will follow- it's happened to me twice!
2. When a cricket appears in your home, someone will be visiting you at home shortly. - Who gets a cricket in their home? But, it's happened more than once and I"m a believer!

I'm sure that those things were just coincidental, but I still avoid pointing my finger at a graveyard...just to be on the safe side.

soybeanlover said...

I'm more of an old wives tale believer myself. Like, what food you crave determines your baby's sex. Though I do have an irrational fear of aliens, but I think if I'm next to 007 I'll be safe. Is that a superstition or just weird?

You know why superstition I hate? The one about having to take the sacrament with your right hand. It seems so pharasitical to me, I totally let people know either hand is ok any chance I get.

I like routine and order, which I'm sure at times can border on superstition.

Queen Scarlett said...

dalene - fever finally ended on Sunday... Wed the sun came out...and we are officially back to normal. How was your trip?

O'Connor Family - Sometimes...better not to tempt fate. ;-)

soybeanlover - I forgot about the right hand thing... is that a for real rule? Wondering... and aliens... good to know. ;-)